Charlize Central | Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Charlize Theron?
No, I am just a fan showing support for her work.

Are you affiliated with Charlize or her representatives?
No, this website is not officially affiliated with her or her representatives.

Is this an official site?
No, this is an unofficial fan site. Her official site is

Do you know Charlize or have you ever met her?
No, I do not know her and have never met her.

Can you please send me real signed photograph or poster?
No. I do not have any access to this material.

Do you have her contact information?
No, I do not have Charlize’s contact information and cannot pass on personal messages to her.

Has Charlize visited this site?
Not to my knowledge.

Do I have to pay for registering in the gallery?
No. All things displayed here are free.

Can I use one of your sites photos for my site, magazine or other publication?
No. This website do not own rights to any photos displayed within the gallery. Some images, such as screencaps and older photoshoot and event images have been tagged to show they were originally posted here, but that does not mean that they are owned by me personally or by this website.

Can I use the pictures for fan art, etc.?
Of course you can. You are welcome to submit your creations to be displayed in the Fan Art Archive as well.

How can I contribute to your site?
Please email any image, fan art, video, etc. submissions to and I will incorporate them into the site (with proper credit, of course). All submissions are welcome and very much appreciated.

How can I contact you?
Please use the contact form located here or email me directly at