More behind the scenes photos of ‘Hancock’

I’ve just added 128 new photos of Charlize and Jason Bateman on the set of last night’s ‘Hancock’ shoot. They look adorable together strolling around on the beach eating ice cream with a little boy and a dog. I’m assuming the little boy is playing their son because he appears in most of the photos with them and he and Charlize are sharing ice cream in a few photos as well. Please note that this is just my take on the photos, not official information. Click here or on the previews below to view the full set. Happy viewing! 🙂

Edit: Thanks to Mariana, we now have 14 more on-set photos from yesterday afternoon. Click here or on the previews below to view the full set. 🙂

‘In the Valley of Elah’ Official Site Launched

The official ‘In the Valley of Elah’ site has finally been launched and contains the film synopsis, trailer and stills from the film. Click here or on on the image below to be directed to the site and have a look around.

Gallery back online!

As you may have noticed, the gallery is now back online with a shiny new layout made by Mycah. Isn’t it so pretty? Quite a few new photoshoots have been added, the film section has been cleaned up a bit and the sections have been broken down a bit more for easier viewing of cover art, stills, etc. I tried to make sure that all dead links were removed, as well as broken images, etc. However, if you happen upon anything that I may have missed, please let me know and I’ll fix it.

The one thing you will all likely find disappointing about the clean up is that all of the candids (except for “on set” photos from films, tv, etc.) have been removed. I have always felt guilty about having them in the gallery because Charlize and Stuart really dislike the paparazzi and having their privacy invaded, but I continued to post them because everyone enjoys candids. My decision to remove them came when the couple was stalked by the paparazzi on their vacation in Belize. Yes, I’m guilty of posting the link over to JustJared for everyone to check out, but the link has since been removed and no more candids of them out and about will be posted here because I don’t wish to disrespect them in that way. I truly admire them both and don’t want to be a party to the continued invasion of their private lives. I hope you will all understand and respect this decision.

Happy birthday to Charlize!

Charlize will be celebrating her birthday tomorrow and on behalf of the site and the fans, I would like to wish her all the best and hope she has a wonderful day . Feel free to comment with your birthday wishes below. 🙂

‘In the Valley of Elah’ Trailer

The trailer for ‘In the Valley of Elah’ is now available online and can be viewed below or here at MSN Movies.

No wonder Charlize is hot, she’s Burning!

Charlize Theron will star in “The Burning Plain,” a drama that marks the feature directing debut of “Babel” screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga, says Variety.

Financed by 2929 Productions, the drama will shoot in November. Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald will produce. Theron will exec produce the film, along with 2929’s Marc Butan, Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban. Beth Kono will be co-producer.

Arriaga told Daily Variety that after 11 years of scripting, it was time to write one for himself to direct. Much like his past scripts, “The Burning Plain” consists of thematically connected storylines.

“There are very intense love stories here that take place in different places and times, with characters trying to find the healing powers of love, forgiveness and redemption,” Arriaga said.Theron will play the role of Sylvia, who tries to find common ground with her parents after a turbulent childhood.

Arriaga is best known for a long collaboration with director Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu on “Amores perros,” “21 Grams” and “Babel,” and he also scripted the Tommy Lee Jones-directed “The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada.” Arriaga has directed TV and documentaries, and started his career directing stage plays when he was a teenager.

“The approach to storytelling is so specifically Guillermo,” Parkes said. “He helped create a new way of telling stories, and he’s taken that to a new level with this script.”

2929 prexy Butan said there is no timetable to set distribution for a film that will cost under $20 million.

“Our plan is to back talent we believe in and while Guillermo is a first time filmmaker, he’s such an accomplished writer with a unique voice that it was a natural move for him to direct,” said 2929 prexy Butan.

Theron next stars in the Paul Haggis-directed “In the Valley of Elah.”


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