‘In the Valley of Elah’ Video Interview

Hollywood.com has a video of interviews with Charlize, Paul Haggis, Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones and scenes from the film. Click here to watch now.

Parade Exclusive

In this Sunday’s PARADE, actress Charlize Theron tells Jeanne Wolf about her hard-charging life philosophy, how she translated a modeling career into one that earned her an Oscar, her latest movie role, why she’s tired of political correctness and more. Below, tag along with Theron and interviewer Jeanne Wolf, and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into her PARADE photo shoot with photographer Robert Ascroft.

Parade’s photo shoot was just one small part of a few days in the life of Charlize Theron. Her schedule is as glamorous as you’d expect and a lot more rigorous than the surprisingly laid-back star lets on.

Right before we went to the studio, I watched her at a luncheon for the Hollywood Foreign Press at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Charlize—startlingly beautiful in a short high-fashion bright green dress—joined industry biggies and a roomful of Tinseltown establishment types, celebs and suits. She went to the podium to present a donation and joked as she held up the check, which got some big laughs. Who could tell that Charlize’s huge fear (which she confided to me) is public speaking?

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Charlize Theron Discusses The Complexity Of ‘Hancock’

Describing the upcoming Will Smith vehicle “Hancock” as “really funny and really dramatic,” co-star Charlize Theron recently dished to MTV News about the tale of the homeless superhero. We spoke to numerous folks from the cast, as well as the film’s director Peter Berg, read all that here, and listen to Charlize’s comments below.

Click here to watch video.

Source: mtv.com

Bring home US troops from Iraq – Theron

Charlize Theron is the latest Hollywood star to call for US troops to leave Iraq.

The Oscar-winning actress spoke at the Venice Film Festival, where her latest movie is in competition.

In The Valley of Elah is based on the true story of a soldier who goes missing on his first weekend back after serving in Iraq and is reported AWOL.

Theron plays Emily Sanders, the detective leading the investigation into his disappearance.

Fellow actress Scarlett Johansson is planning a morale-boosting visit to troops stationed in Iraq.

Asked if she would do the same, Theron replied: “I think it’s great that she’s doing that, but I’d like to see them come home – be looked after, be nurtured.

“Nothing would give me more joy than to see them back in America.

“They are doing a very, very important job and it’s a dangerous one. Hopefully they can come back and be looked after, that’s the least we can do for them.”

She also urged the US public to open their eyes to what is happening in Iraq and other conflicts around the world.

“In a way it’s really strange now living in America. I realise my generation has kind of slacked a little bit … I don’t know how people get through their lives not knowing. I can’t imagine going through my life like that,” said the 32-year-old.

In The Valley of Elah is written and directed by Paul Haggis, whose last film was the Oscar-winning Crash.

Tommy Lee Jones and Susan Sarandon play the missing soldier’s parents, who come to realise their son may have been the victim of foul play and find themselves in a fight with the military to discover the truth.

Source: iol.ie

Paul Haggis Interview, In The Valley of Elah

MoviesOnline sat down last weekend with Paul Haggis at the Los Angeles press day for his new film, “In the Valley of Elah,” which he wrote, directed, and produced. The suspense drama tells the story of a father’s (Tommy Lee Jones) search for his missing son, a soldier who is reported AWOL after recently returning from Iraq. Susan Sarandon and Charlize Theron also star. Haggis wrote two Best Film Oscar winners back-to-back: “Million Dollar Baby” (2004) and “Crash” (2005). For “Crash,” Haggis won Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay, though the film also received an additional four nominations, including one for Haggis’ direction. “Crash” reaped numerous awards during its year of release from associations such as the IFP Spirit Awards, the Screen Actors Guild, and BAFTA.

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Could Charlize be Esquire’s 2007 Sexiest Woman Alive?

I stumbled across this last night and immediately thought it was Charlize. Based on the legs for days and the inner ankle tattoo featured in the photo below, it certainly looks like it could be her and if you put that together with the clues below, it certainly sounds an awful lot like her as well. There will be more clues over the coming months, so stay tuned and feel free to post your comments below.

The Sexiest Woman Alive 2007: Part One

She drinks Gibsons, could be mistaken for one of the Judd sisters, and makes a mean lamb chop. Who is she?

The road to total revealment kicks off this month — with the tangle of clues above and a few hints from someone intimately acquainted with our mystery woman. Who better to divulge the secrets of the Sexiest Woman Alive than her most trusted confidante, her sounding board, the wind beneath her wings? (Sadly, no, this year’s SWA is not Bette Midler.) So we spoke confidentially to her best pal and shook her down.

How long have you known xxxxxxx?

Six years. An acquaintance told me about her, and I kind of wrote her off, because I thought she was tall, beautiful, and Hollywood. I figured, I know who she is. In fact, she is all of those things and much more.
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