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What’s Up Hollywood Q&A with Charlize

Q: Are you attracted to particular dark stories like this, and angry troubled women?
Gillian (Flynn, author) and I were talking about it this morning. It’s really interesting when you write and get to play a woman that is layered and conflicted and has certain human attributes that might not be that attractive, which is part of the human condition. I think because we haven’t seen enough of it in cinema, it kind of sticks out like a sore thumb, and people comment on it the way you just did. What we were talking about is at the end of the day they’re really compartmentalized characteristics. They really are just part of a full human being, especially a woman. It’s only I feel like in the last decade since cinema in the ’70s, that we’ve seen women who are if not more conflicted than men kind of resurface and people are talking about it because there has been such a lack of it. So I can’t say that I’m attracted to angry, dark people. I think what I’m attracted to is characters to me that feel very truthful to the embodiment of a full woman. I think it’s just refreshing to kind of see women like Gillian write women like that and to have been given the opportunity to get to play those women in the last ten years. It feels authentic and real, that’s all I can say.

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