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Hello & Various Picture Updates

If you’re wondering who I am – I am Tona. Stef and I decided to merge and Charlize Central to one big fansite. A new layout for the site will complete it in a few days. I run and
I’ve updated the gallery with a few pictures and more will follow soon.

MTV TRL UK – September 15, 2003
The Italian Job: On the Set
Photography by Robert Ascroft

MTV TRL On The Set Robert Ashcroft

On-set photos and fan art

New photos of Charlize and Will Smith on the set of ‘Hancock’ from yesterday have been added to the gallery. Thanks goes out to Mariana for providing them.

I also uploaded a few new icons to the fan art archive last night. Hopefully inspiration will strike again soon and I’ll be able to make a few more. 🙂

More Scans (2004-2006)

A few more scans have been added to the gallery over past couple of days for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Razor – February 2002
Interview – March 2004
US – August 23, 2004
Life & Style Weekly – November 14, 2005
Teen People – December 2005/January 2006
InStyle – May 2006

New 2007 scans

I finally had a chance to catch up on some scanning this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for many more scans over the next few days. For now though, I’ve uploaded the following scans:

Entertainment Weekly – August 24, 2007
Esquire – September 2007 (Sexiest Woman Alive Part 3)

More behind the scenes photos of ‘Hancock’

I’ve just added 128 new photos of Charlize and Jason Bateman on the set of last night’s ‘Hancock’ shoot. They look adorable together strolling around on the beach eating ice cream with a little boy and a dog. I’m assuming the little boy is playing their son because he appears in most of the photos with them and he and Charlize are sharing ice cream in a few photos as well. Please note that this is just my take on the photos, not official information. Click here or on the previews below to view the full set. Happy viewing! 🙂

Edit: Thanks to Mariana, we now have 14 more on-set photos from yesterday afternoon. Click here or on the previews below to view the full set. 🙂

Charlize on the set of ‘John Hancock’

Thanks to the lovely Mariana, we now have 41 photos of Charlize on the set of ‘John Hancock’ (or could be just ‘Hancock’ now, as the title seems to keep changing). Click here or on the previews below to view the full set. Enjoy!

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