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Charlize @ Q&A session

As some of you may have noticed, new photos of Charlize at the Q&A session at the ‘In the Valley of Elah’ screening on September 13th were added to the gallery yesterday afternoon. I had been looking for these for a while, but wasn’t able to find them until a couple of days ago. Enjoy!

Charlize @ Movies Rock

Charlize was in attendance and a presenter at the 2007 Movies Rock event held on December 2nd in Los Angeles, CA. She looked stunning as always in a lovely white and black gown and with the new hair, she reminds me a bit of her character Britt Eckland in ‘The Life and Death of Peter Sellers.” Click here or on the images below to view the full set of photos.

Charlize @ Nhliziyo High School

I finally had a chance to make a small update this weekend with some new scans and some lovely photos of Charlize dancing and having fun with students at Nhliziyo High School during the launch of the Mpilonhle Youth Education and Mobile Health Project in South Africa, which is a project funded by the ‘Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Program.’ More updates coming soon. 🙂

Esquire & Vogue – October 2007 Scans

The super gorgeous scans of Charlize from the October issues of Esquire and Vogue are now available for you viewing pleasure in the gallery. The big Esquire reveal will be in the next issue and I will have the full feature available as soon as the magazine hits my doorstep.

Charlize & Stuart at the ‘In the Valley of Elah’ Premiere

Photos of Charlize and Stuart at the ‘In the Valley of Elah’ premiere are now available in the gallery. Enjoy! 🙂

‘Battle in Seattle’ Portraits

I finally found the ‘Battle in Seattle’ portraits from the Toronto Film Festival on September 9th and they are now available in the gallery (please be sure to register/log in to view). I’m sure you’re probably all seen them somewhere online by now, but if not, you have to check them out because they are gorgeous.

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