Other Projects


When I Was a Girl (2001)
Charlize hosted this TV production along side Kristin Davis (Sex and the City) in 2001.
When I Was a Girl is a documentary about the girlhood of Hollywood stars – the years before stardom. Unfortunately this production is a very rare find today, but you might want to keep your eyes peeled on
eBay for a copy might turn up there one day.
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Captured on Film – The True Story of Marion Davies (2001)
Charlize is the narrator of this documentary executive produced by Hugh Hefner, about a gifted actress of the golden age – Marion Davies. This documentary can now be purchased from Amazon
on DVD. Make sure to get your copy!

Modeling & Print Work

Before grabbing her Oscar, Charlize made her mark in Hollywood by modelling for some of fashion’s biggest names. She has appeared in print ads for Blunauta, Dakota Smith, Guess?, Shaper and many others. During 2002-2004 she was one of the famous
faces for L’Oreal. She has also been the face for Raymond Weil, Breil and Dior J’adore.

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Charlize has appeared in a variety of TV commericals including Axe (1996), Martini (1996), Lux, Honda Japan (2002), L’Oreal (2002-2004) and Dior J’adore (2004+).

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