Glamour Women of the Year 2019

In the corner of a drawing room in an extravagant London apartment, Charlize Theron is missing home. She’s been working away from Los Angeles for four months, traveling with her family—two kids and her mom—and she’s ready for a good night’s sleep in her own bed. But such is the nature of her unpredictable life: “I am not a planner,” Theron says, proudly. “I love that I work in an industry where something can come tomorrow and change the next six months of my life and make me think about things that I would never have explored on my own, and all of a sudden”—her eyes widen with enthusiasm—“you’re reading about shit you would never have been interested in before.”

For Theron, the last six months have been a doozy. Her life is not just the typical hopscotch of an actor’s existence; it’s the unforgiving schedule of an actor-producer-philanthropist. And not an actor-producer-philanthropist in the way that everyone claims to be one these days, but for real: The woman has three full-time jobs. Right now, for example, she’s promoting Bombshell, a movie about the Roger Ailes scandal at Fox News, in which she stars as anchor Megyn Kelly. The film is the 15th project from her production company, Denver and Delilah. While figuring out how to inhabit the character of a controversial personality, Theron was also trying to avert crisis. Two weeks before shooting, the movie’s financiers pulled out. Theron, accustomed to her dual existence of lead actor and backstage operator, leaped into action and made “a lot of phone calls.” By all accounts, Theron rescued the movie, but she underplays it. “I think it was just pure panic,” she says now.

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