Charlize Theron and Woody Harrelson Go All-Natural With Skincare Products From Online Apothecary

The lead make-up artist for the upcoming movie “Battle in Seattle,” starring Charlize Theron and Woody Harrelson, used a number of natural skincare products from the Alchemist’s Apprentice, an online apothecary selling 100% synthetic and chemical-free personal care items. The actors requested that only completely pure products be used while filming the movie, which follows the 1999 World Trade Organization riots in Seattle.

Lead make-up artist Monica Huppert chose a selection of organic skincare products from the Gorgeous skincare line, which is offered in the U.S. exclusively on the Alchemist’s Apprentice Web site. Gorgeous is a high-end, hand-made Australian skincare company, creating only pure products containing no water, no petroleum byproducts and no unwanted chemicals. Each product is made only from the rarest and most sought after 100% Pure and Natural essential oils, which is the internationally-recognized standard applied to only 1% of essential oils available in the world.

Because much of the movie was filmed outdoors in Canada, Huppert had to battle dry skin that accompanied the cold weather. “I was constantly fighting dry patches on the actor’s skin,” says Huppert. “In the morning I would use the rose serum with the nourishing grains to exfoliate any dry areas and then treat the skin with the serum. It worked every time. But my favorite use for the rose serum is lip balm; it’s so silky and smells so good, it actually freshens your breath. The fact that it’s so pure and natural makes me feel good about using these beautiful products on my canvases.”

“Battle in Seattle,” directed by Stuart Townsend and also starring Ray Liotta, Connie Nielsen and Joshua Jackson, is currently scheduled for release on November 29, 2007.

The Alchemist’s Apprentice, which was founded in 2005 by president Pamela Cronan-Maddox, is an online apothecary dedicated to offering the finest personal natural and organic skincare products from across the world. All products on the Web site are 100% synthetic and chemical free. Lines available from the Alchemist’s Apprentice include Gorgeous, Farmaesthetics®, Simply Organic, suki, Alchemy of Colour Mineral Cosmetics, Pangea Organics and more.

Editor’s Note: High-res. photos of products used on set and of the movie are available upon request.